VTune Leeds can cater for all types of installation. HGV, Motor Homes and even Caravans. Just fitting an Alarm may not give you the protection you desire. Additional sensors may be needed to protect areas a standard system can’t. The addition of extra sirens at the rear or inside the vehicle, modules to close electric windows and tilt sensors to protect alloy wheels are all options you may wish to consider.

  • Laserline tilt sensor (848) £99
  • Extra high power battery back-up siren £85
  • Extra ultrasonic interior sensors (244) £79
  • Added Micro Wave sensor for convertibles (815-02)£85
  • Wireless PIR sensors (801dv) £90
  • Wireless contact switch (800) £85
  • Override touch keys From £14
  • Extra flashing L.E.D From £9
  • Glass tamper sensor (847) £75
  • Electric window closure modules (824) £75
  • All sensors come with a 12 month warranty.
  • Additional remotes and touch keys are available.


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