Audio / Video by Vtune LeedsAre we there yet?
Is a familiar phrase to most parents, a long journey ahead and bored children in the back seats. Maybe a function to attend has prevented you or your partner from watching a favourite TV program?

Problem Solved
VTune Leeds has its own designated team of installers for installing custom Audio and Video systems. A large range of screens from leading manufactures such as Alpine, Clarion, Veba and Necvox can be installed and tailored to meet your requirements.

Screens can be professionally trimmed into a cars headrests, a drop down screen can be mounted in the roof or even mounted into the sun-visors the choice is your. Systems can include a DVD player, a digital TV tuner, or even a Playstation/X-Box games consul for your viewing pleasure.

Portable hard-drives have become more popular recently and with music/movies stored on them they can be viewed on any of the installed screens. Sound can be output through cordless headphones or routed through the vehicles speaker system.

More and more cars are being built with navigation screens included in the dash board. VTune Leeds can link a DVD or TV signal to these screens whilst keeping the screen active when on the move (Please obey all traffic laws, off road and passenger use).

Starting packages are available from only £599 fully fitted. Please contact us for a quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Are we there yet could turn into do we have to get out now?

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