Cruise control by VTune Leeds

Adding a cruise control system to any vehicle will help take the strain out of driving on long journeys. Keeping the car at a constant speed can also help to save fuel and help prevent speeding if used correctly.

On modern vehicles, there is no cable from the accelerator pedal to the engine, cruise control systems utilise electronic signals to and from the cars ECU. Modern cruise controls are very reliable with a self learning set up and no mechanical or moving parts involved.

All our cruise control systems are simple to use, with a choice of controls, preset speeds and a two year warranty. Cruise control systems are ideal for cars, vans and motorhomes.

Fully fitted from £399.
Please note that in some installations, an additional part may be required to interface to the speed signal from the car. This is subject to certain vehicles. Our sales team would be pleased to answer any queries regarding this and can advise whether it is required for your particular vehicle.

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