VTune Leeds are now authorised dealers for Diesel Power +

Thousands of motorists across the UK are enjoying the benefits of Diesel power+ . With savings of up to 20% on your fuel bills by providing up to 20% increased fuel economy, the diesel power+ system is a must have addition for any diesel vehicle owner.

VTune Leeds are an approved dealer for the supply and installation of the diesel power+ box for any diesel vehicle. Performance improvements of up to 35% can be enjoyed on both Power and torque. The diesel power+ box can also provide up to a 20% improvement on fuel economy and upto a 20% reduction on CO2 emissions.

German manufactured with a 3 year warranty this add-on to your vehicle is a must for anyone who wants to save money on fuel costs. Perfect for Fleet and taxi owners.

VTune Leeds would always recommend having a remap to reduce fuel consumption but realise this is not an option on some vehicles. The Diesel Power+ system is your next option to save fuel and improve the drive of your vehicle.

Price fully fitted £339

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