Fuel Optimisation Remap

To gain any real savings in fuel, a fuel optimiser remap is available that can save on fuel and increase a vehicles performance.

Proof that it works...

Below are the figures from a test carried out at MIRA . All quoted figures are with post SG & fuel temperature corrections.

Test Vehicle
2008 Ford Transit T 280 110ps
2.2 Duratorque TDCi 110ps Common Rail / Visteon ECM
500 KG net payload

56 MPH Test with Standard OEM Ford software:
Litres per mile used 0.1425     Miles per KG 8.68     Measures MPG 31.00

56 MPH Test with V Tune ECO software:
Litres per mile used 0.1143     Miles per KG 10.49     Measures MPG 38.75


An increase in fuel efficiency of 7.15 mpg (23%)!  Or in other words, on a normal range of 500 miles for a tank of fuel, that will increase to over 600 miles.

By optimising a cars compromised fuel and boost settings, less un-burnt fuel is ejected (this is the black smoke from diesel cars). Also by eliminating the flat spots and ensuring a car runs at its most efficient and optimum driving conditions, it will produce less CO2 in usual driving conditions. If a car usually returns 30mpg around town and returns 36 mpg after a remap, less fuel is burnt therefore producing less carbon emissions which subsequently lowers an individuals carbon footprint. 

The extra torque is the primary factor in economy gains whilst the newly optimised fuelling and boost pressure help to give better consumption. The additional torque (low down power) and extra horse power allows the use of less revs to move through the gears. As an example if a car would usually rev to 3000 rpm to accelerate and keep up with traffic flow, with the additional torque a cars engine will actually pull stronger at thelow range (and have a smoother power curve) allowing changing through the gears earlier (less revs) to keep up with the same amount of traffic flow and thus reduces fuel consumption. In addition that same torque will allow smoother and effortless acceleration to overtake, further reducing the number of down gear changes and therefore the less revs required the less fuel used.

Time taken to carry out a remap varies between vehicles but is usually between 1 - 2 hours. A remap can be carried out at our workshops or as a mobile service by appointment. Vtune Leeds can accommodate trade, fleet and provide a Saturday service for company’s who have vehicles on the road through the week.

This product is ideal for companies and people such as couriers, tradesmen, sales representatives or anyone else who would like to benefit from a cost saving whilst inproving performance and driving pleasure.

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