Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vehicle Remapping


Q How is a remap performed?

On most vehicles a Remap is carried out by downloading the data and editing it via the OBD (diagnostic) port of the ECU.

On some vehicles the ECU needs to be removed from the vehicle to be successfully programmed.

Q How is my vehicles warranty affected?

On VAG and some other European vehicles the manufacturer has installed counter protocols to the ECU, so any download or 'flash' undertaken outside of the OEM dealer network will be logged, thus invalidating the warranty.

 VTune always ensure this counter is reset, ensuring that a VTune Remap is undetectable to the manufacturer.

Q Can any vehicle be remapped?

Not all vehicles can be remapped, however, most post '96 vehicles can be remapped .Some pre '96 vehicles can be chipped (programmed) in the same way as a remap but the extraction of the ECU will be required.

Q What if I want my old settings back?

Any vehicle that has been remapped can be put back to the original manufactures setting. 



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