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It’s not easy controlling costs when your employees are out on the road. Quite often you're not sure where they are, where they’re going, or even if they’re getting the job done. Fleet Director is a Tracker system that can be covertly installed in company vehicles and enables real-time tracking from your computer desktop.

Fleet Director lets you monitor start and finish times of journeys, how long the vehicle is left idling and how long the journey has taken. Additional benefits include the monitoring of company vehicles for private use which enables accurate records to be maintained and can reduce company fuel costs.

Detailed reporting to help you monitor your fleet of vehicles and improve productivity is included as standard within the supplied software. The flexibility of the management software allows for the monitoring of more than one vehicle at a time making it simplistic to manage anything from one vehicle to an entire fleet.

Fitting the Fleet Director system doesn't mean the savings on fuel costs are offset neither, with a fully fitted price of £375 and a yearly subscription charge of £179 the system should pay for itself in very little time.

Fleet Director is also flexible enough to protect your investment and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. This flexibilty allows future vehicle purchases to be accomodated since once the system has been purchased, its yours to change between vehicles as required.

Enhancements to Fleet Director include a SmartNav upgrade. This add-on will provide the driver with a computerised navigation system by the simple addition of a button on the dashboard and also provides traffic jam avoidance and speed cameras alerts. Time-saving advanced navigation with live traffic information helps beat traffic congestion offering further savings in lost working time. For the driver the SmartNav system can help to avoid speeding fines and license endorsement points and since it is installed within the vehicle can potentially prevent vehicle breakins for satnav theft.

The SmartNav upgrade can be included for only £99 fully fitted plus the required navi subscription.


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