HEATSHOT fully integrated fluid windscreen wash system

See the road ahead more clearly this winter!

With HEATSHOT the fully integrated fluid windscreen wash system


  • Clears your frozen windscreen in seconds from the comfort of your seat
  • Unblocks frozen washer nozzles
  • Keeps your windscreen clear whilst driving no matter what the conditions
  • Operates via your car's existing wash/wipe controls
  • Quickly dissolves salt and road grime
  • Easily installed in the engine bay of any vehicle

Heated windscreen wash versus alternatives

Product HEATSHOT Heated Windscreen Wash System
Defroster: Does not work from a cold start. Does not work efficiently until car is fully warmed up. Does not release stuck wipers. Does not clear frozen or blocked nozzles. Heats fluid in seconds. Releases stuck wipers and clears blocked or frozen nozzles.
Heated Wiper Blades: Stops blades sticking or 'chattering' in inclement weather. Needs to be replaced frequently (and is very expensive). Does not clean the windscreen, clear ice build-up on the windshield, or unblock frozen nozzles. Needs to be plugged into the vehicle cigarette lighter. Has a wire running from the cigarette lighter out the car window. Frees stuck wipers and keeps the rubber softer for greater effectiveness (and longer life). Cleans windscreens, clears ice build-up and unblocks nozzles. Operates using vehicle's existing wash/wipe controls.
Heated Nozzles: Clears blocked nozzles. Does not heat the fluid to remove ice/snow or frost from the windscreen. Immediately clears frozen nozzles with a shot of steam, then instantly heats the fluid to remove ice, snow and frost from the windshield in a minute or two.
Heated Washer Fluid Reservoir: Takes a long time to heat up the reservoir. Each time it heats up some anti-freeze evaporates from the fluid. Loss of anti-freeze can result in the remaining fluid in the reservoir freezing solid. Only heats the precise amount of fluid that is needed, on demand. Does not draw power from the engine's heating system or radiator hoses.
Heated Windscreen: Melts snow and ice, but takes longer that heated fluid. Costly to install and replace. Does not clear frozen nozzles or wiper blades or clean the windscreen. Melts snow and ice in seconds. Releases frozen nozzles and wiper blades and cleans windscreens all year round, in all weather conditions.

Comparison Table

HEATSHOT Heated Windscreen Wash System Ice Scraper Heated Wiper Blades Heated Windscreen Heated Washer Jets Defroster De-icer
Effective in all types of weather            
Removes insects and grime            
Reduces glare from the sun            
Enhances washer cleaning performance          
Prolongs life of wiper blades          
Clears frosty, icy windscreens    
Releases stuck wiper blades        
De-ices frozen washer jets          
Ready to work within 30 seconds        

The heated windscreen wash system has earned significant industry recognition:


Price fitted £239

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