Laser Star - parking sensor or laser diffuser system? You decide

Laser Star logo100% protection • easy to install • user programmable features • audible and visual alerts • keenest prices • some naughty people use it as a way of defeating laser guns ;)

Laser Star is not sold or packaged as a ‘laser jammer’. The handbook clearly shows that it is an operational device used for parking and that it operates on the same, licence free wavelength of 904 nm as do many other devices. Obviously some naughty people use it as a way of defeating laser guns.

The same frequency as used by several motor manufacturers eg. Nissan’s adaptive cruise control system which uses laser to determine the distance immediately in front of the vehicle and to deactivate the cruise control if the stopping distance is considered to be too short.

Police laser guns transmit around 100 pulses of infrared light in one-third of a second at a reflective area of a car, usually the front number-plate. These pulses reflect to the gun, which then calculates how much the distance is changing over time and therefore the vehicle’s speed.

Laser Star unitLaser Star detects these pulses and returns its own laser beam at the same wavelength. This has the effect of making laser traps unable to get a speed reading on a Laser Star equipped car. In order to prevent possible interference with other laser based systems Laser Star has been designed to alert the driver of possible interference and if necessary switch the system off.

As Laser Star serves more than one purpose there are no issues fitting one to your vehicle.

The most sophisticated laser technology is constantly protecting you, every time you drive.

Price fitted £299

Laser Star unit FAQs

Laser Star ComponentsDoes this system affect any other system on my car?

No, not at all. The unit is totally independent simply requiring a live and an earth connection.

What will I have inside the car?  

No unsightly wires, just a single LED and control switch, neat and discreet.

What will I see outside the car?

There is very little to see.  The unit is usually recessed and the lens is narrow.  This needs line of sight but can be set backwards out of sight.

Can the system be moved from car to car ?

Yes it can be deinstalled and reinstalled. Many of our fleet customers simply arrange this as and when required.

Laser Star montage

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