Motorcycles are as prone to vehicle theft as any other vehicle but motorcycle security is often overlooked. Providing total vehicle security solutions, Vtune Leeds utilise the Thatcham approved model 862 motorcycle security alarm to fulfill the requirements of this niche market. Sensitive tilt sensors, and coded key technology make this product ideally suited to securing valuable motorcycles.

Thatcham Category 1 Motorcycle Alarm ( CAT 1 ) 862
Thatcham Approval Number: TMC1- 117/1002


  • Two waterproof remote controls incorporating arm and disarm, panic function and hazard warning facility
  • High power battery back-up siren
  • Coded key remote technology (selectable). Prevents the alarm being disarmed in the event of a remote control being stolen, unless a preset secret code is entered via the remote
  • Sleep mode 0.5ma current draw
  • Automatic setting dual circuit immobilisation
  • All black security wiring harness with anti-tamper fitting kit
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Flashing L.E.D
  • Armed current draw less than 3ma
  • Self referencing tilt sensor
  • Pin code override
  • Lifetime product warranty (Subject to Terms and Conditions)
  • Price fully fitted £239


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