Ipod and MP3 in-car connection

Have you bought a FM Transmitter because you were told “sorry we can’t connect your Ipod to your car? Having a connection in your car for an Ipod or Portable MP3 device may not be as hard as you think!

System one: I O Connect. Using the 3.5mm headphone socket of your MP3 player is simple and easy to use, just plug into a socket mounted in the dashboard area, press play on your device and enjoy your music.
A built in power amplifier and intelligent electronics senses the music playing from the MP3 player and mutes the sound from the factory radio. The sound from the MP3/Ipod then plays through the cars speakers. A specially designed ghost mute system lets you play the voice commands from your portable satellite navigation on the front speakers whilst keeping the sound from the radio on the rear speakers. Prices fully fitted from £119.

System two: Dension ice-link one. This system provides a dash mounted cradle to hold, control and charge your Ipod. Sound is input to your radio via a directly wired FM signal. This system should not be confused with the cheap plug-in wireless devices that transmit a low powered signal. The kit comes complete with a selection of adaptors for different size Ipods. Prices fully fitted from £119.

System Three: Dice Direct control Utilises the original car radio and connects directly to the auxiliary input. This system gives the user control of their Ipod via the buttons on the radio allowing tracks to be changed up and down and by artists and albums. With control via the radio there is no need for a cradle, the device can simply be hidden in a pocket or the glove box. This unit charges the Ipod whilst connected. Price fully fitted from £169.

System Four: Gateway 100/300. These systems allow an Ipod or USB device to communicate with your cars original factory radio. You can control your device with the radios controls or if fitted from the steering wheel controls. the units provide track, artist and album information on the cars dash board display, subject to the vehicles model.
Although the Gateway simulates a CD changer in your car, in some cases you can keep the use of the CD changer with an optional accessory giving you access to your whole music collection while on the move. Price fully fitted from £299.

System Five: The Gateway 500. With fibre-optic technology, this system provides the user with charging and control of their Ipod via the factory radio, in some cases giving artists and albums names on the radio display. The Gateway 500 also provides a 3.5mm input and a USB input to select and listen to music stored on a memory stick. The Gateway 500 is designed for use on Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW. Please contact us for a full application guide. Price fully fitted from £329.

Add to this the Bluetooth box (BTA-1500) to provide hands free mobile communications in your vehicle with on screen caller ID and sound wired through the cars front speakers. Price fitted in conjunction with the Gateway 500 £149.

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