Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors by Vtune LeedsIt is a common misconception that parking sensor are for people who can’t park. Modern day car designs have become more elaborate, which can result in a restricted view out of the rear window and sometimes the front of the vehicle too.

With most insurance excesses being a minimum of £100 it makes good sense to protect your vehicle before damage is done and regretting you had no parking sensors.

VTune Leeds offer a full range of systems for protection to the rear and front of your vehicle, whether it is a car, van, motorhome, HGV or even caravan applications. We offer packages to meet most requirements and budgets.

How do they work?

Parking sensors detect obstacles behind and in front of you to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your vehicle. Once the systems are active you will hear a confirmation bleep. Using Ultrasonic technology they emit a cone of sound from your vehicle, which bounces off obstacles and returns to the sensor. Once the sensor detects an object it calculates the time taken to bounce back and converts this signal into an audio tone. The faster the tone the closer the object is to your vehicle.

Once the tone becomes constant, the object is close and a change in direction of the vehicle is required. Vtune Leeds offer a wide range of sensors, from traditional flush fitting to rear mounted strips and in some applications sensors mounted to the number plate.

Audible alerts are standard and displays can be added if required, mirrors are still recommended though!. The technology involved is the same as is used in manufacturing factories and is therefore obviously highly reliable.

What do they look like?

With Vtune Leeds working with many car dealers to provide Parking sensors (or Park Distance Control as there are also known as) Our installations can replicate the factory fitted options. Front sensors can be automatically activated and can be colour coded to the cars body colour where required. Some recent examples are shown below.

Parking sensors fitted to a Scirocco Parking sensors fitted to a C-Max Parking sensors fitted to a Suzuki Swift

Sensors for VW/Audi vehicles

The images below show the parking sensors as fitted to VAG vehicles with the screenshot showing how we can link our parking sensors onto factory fitted radio units to show distances on screen, with audio warnings via the car's speakers.

Integration with Ford and BMW a/v systems coming soon

Parking sensors fitted to a VW Parking sensors on screen


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