Manufacturers build cars to be shipped all over the world so your vehicle is 'de-tuned' and set to run leaner (more air to fuel ratio) than is optimum for power and economy because it is designed to work equally well in Arctic as in Equatorial conditions. Air density & humidity greatly affect the performance of an engine so it is compromised to work well in both sub-zero and extremely hot conditions.

There are several reasons manufacturers 'de-tune the vehicles, not least is because it is far cheaper to produce thousands of identical parts than it is to redesign slightly less spec parts and produce less of them. They also do it to compete with other manufacturers on desirability, price and insurance grouping. For example a 08 registration 1.9 GTDi Volkswagen Golf producing 110 BhP is insurance group 10 but the 130 BhP version is insurance group 13 whilst the mechanics of the vehicle are identical.

The benefits of having your car remapped are better fuel consumption, more power, lower CO2 levels at optimum and usual driving conditions, higher top speed, reduction and elimination of flat spots giving you a smoother power curve for a better driving experience.

All of this can be achieved without compromising any of the safe tolerances designed on the engine and therefore not affecting it's life.

Remapping can be carried out on both petrol and diesel vehicles, however results can vary depending if the vehicle is turbo charged or normal fuel injected.

Prices start from £225 including our mobile service.

Save money and the environment with Vtune Leeds.
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