Vtune Leeds Vehicle Tracking

Trackstar TM 400ss – This is the very latest system from the trafficmaster group

Trackstar TM400ss is Vtune Leeds tracker of choice due to it being the UK's Leading GPS stolen vehicle tracking system. Vtune leeds provide a professional mobile installation service by Trackstar trained and approved technicians. With our engineers covering the Yorkshire area.

Why choose the Trackstar.

As a full stealth installation, the TM400ss will give you peace of mind your vehicle will be protected. The system automatically activates itself when the ignition key is turned off. If the vehicle then moves without the use of the keys, the control centre monitoring the system will contact the owner to confirm the vehicle is stolen.  If the vehicle is stolen using the keys, the control centre can be contacted 24 hours a day to again confirm your vehicle is a stolen one.


  • Trackstar pinpoints the vehicle's exact location
  • The tracker will continuously track the vehicle every 20 seconds
  • Utilises GSM and GPS technology for real time tracking
  • The Trackstar National Control Centre is manned 24 hours a day, every day
  • The National Control Centre deals directly with the police to track your vehicle
  • Insurance approved which may reduce your insurance premium
  • Battery backed up to keep system active even if the car battery is disconnected
  • Including Safe Speed safety camera alert hardware ( subscriptions apply )
  • Hardware is able to be transferred to other vehicles

Trackstar TM 400SS Special Offer - £349 Fitted with a two year warranty

Trackstar TM 400ss  Additional Options

Trackstar TM400 Navigation upgrade  kit - £99 fitted including vat.

With the addition of a button and microphone, this system provides the convenience of a concierge navigation system. After pushing the button the operator will ask where you would like to go. Once you have confirmed your destination a route is then downloaded to your vehicle and a computer voice will give you turn by turn commands to the end of your journey.

Linked to the trafficmaster group, the system will prompt you to reroute for road works or hold ups.

Trackstar European Cover

If your vehicle is stolen in Europe, you must advise the Trackstar UK National Control Centre to activate the tracker's functionality. Trackstar will then be able to locate the tracker and the vehicle instantly in the same way as usual.

Trackstar TM400ss and TM400 Navigation Subscription Guide

Trackstar TM400ss


European Cover



Now included as standard


Safe Speed


Trackstar TM400
Navigation Upgrade







Now included as standard





All prices include VAT
*NOTE: Trackstar TM400ss  Duration payment covers the owner for as long as he/she is the registered keeper of the vehicle
**NOTE: discounts for any two or three bundles of airtime on safe speed and navigation.


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