There is a lot of confusion on what a "chip" or "remap" is... in the public domain anyway, as the word 'chipped' seems to be referred to a lot within the industry.

In the late 1980's and early 90's automotive ECU's still used standard UV or even bi-polar EPROM’s/ROMs. To tune these early generation ECU's the chip (EPROM) would have to be removed and the data within read, modified and then transferred to a virgin chip, hence the word chip change... which lead to the word 'chipped'.

V Tune cut their ECU tuning teeth in this era.

The term 'Remap' evolved into the public domain later as more informed people in the car tuning industry began to understand some of the technical terms used in electronic/data modification. Later ECU's and semi conductor technology, with the advent of OBDII and EOBD platforms, saw remote jack flashing (serial programming) becoming common place allowing quick and easy firmware updates to be carried out.

Remapping data within a chip or EPROM are the same, it's just how this process is carried out and the name of it which differs.

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